How to Lead In Turbulent Times with Alan Mulally

Best Practices to Navigate a Crisis including a live Q&A

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Over the last three weeks, the world has been thrown off its axis. One night we go to bed happy with a fat 401K and a profitably growing business. The next day someone pulled the plug on the US and Global economy. The coronavirus is challenging businesses and leaders in ways we could have never imagined. What actions do you take? What do you communicate to customers, employees, partners, and vendors? How do you effectively steer your company and team through such uncertain and treacherous times?

In this webinar, Alan Mulally will answer those questions and more, sharing the best practices he used to lead Boeing through 9/11 and Ford Motor Company through the great recession of 2008-2009. Few business leaders have led companies through turbulent times and had the positive results of Mulally. In 2001, Mulally successfully led Boeing Commercial Airplanes through the tragedy of 9/11 when global demand for air travel plummeted. Between 2008-2009, Mulally successfully led Ford Motor Company through the “great recession” as the only US automaker not to require a bailout from the federal government. Mulally transformed Ford into the most profitable automaker in the world.

Make no mistake, tough decisions had to be made, and it wasn’t easy. Mulally had a plan and continued to work on a “better plan” to deal with the grim realities of 9/11 and the great recession. Mulally and his team maintained emotional resilience and a deep trust in the process of how they managed their business. That and Mulally’s insistence on his team following their “Working Together” principles and practices were key ingredients to surviving and thriving the crisis.

About Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally served as president and CEO of Ford Motor Company and was a member of the company’s Board of Directors from September 2006 to June 2014. Mulally led Ford’s transformation into one of the world’s leading automakers. He guided the Ford team in working together on a compelling vision, comprehensive strategy and relentless implementation of the One Ford plan to drive profitable growth for all the company’s stakeholders. Prior to joining Ford, Mulally served as CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Mulally made contributions to the 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 and 787 airplane programs. Mulally was named No. 3 on Fortune’s “World’s Greatest Leaders” list, one of the 30 “World’s Best CEOs” by Barron’s magazine, “Industry Leader of the Year” by Automotive News magazine, one of “The World’s Most Influential People” by TIME magazine, “Chief Executive of the Year” by Chief Executive magazine, “Man of the Year” in the automotive sector by El Mundo and “Person of the Year” by Aviation Week magazine. Mulally sits on the Board of Directors of Google, Carbon 3D, and The Mayo Clinic.

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Watch the Webinar Recording