Employees earn a week of paid time off (PTO) for doing this ONE thing

How do you create a culture in your company where people enjoy the work they do and look forward to the week ahead? On this Looking Forward to Monday Minute we are going to explore the Priority Planner

Failing to plan is planning to fail. I’ve always believed that 1 hour of planning can save 10 hours in execution. The more you plan, the more you get done. As an entrepreneur & CEO, I invest time each morning planning my day. Imagine how much more your company would achieve if every team member had the same discipline and planned their workday too!

Enter the Priority Planner. Every person in the company receives a fresh Planner at the beginning of each calendar quarter. The inside first page has room for your name AND your top 3 priorities for the quarter. These are likely your top key performance indicators (KPIs).

Every morning, you begin by writing the date and rating your energy level on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being low energy and 10 being extremely high energy. If you are sick, tired, or sad, your energy level won’t likely be any higher than a 4 or 5. This is important because your energy level will influence how much you can accomplish during the day.

You then reflect on 3 areas of progress or “wins” from the previous day. It is much easier to focus on what did go your way rather than what did not. This helps put people in a positive frame of mind. Next, you reflect on 3 things you are grateful for. This can be professional or personal. I’ve found that people with an “attitude of gratitude” are not only happier but more productive too. 

Then, you determine your top 3 priorities for the day. These are the most important things that MUST get done. In other words, these 3 things must be complete before you turn off your computer or leave your office at the end of the day. By determining these 3 priorities in the morning, you adjust your calendar to ensure you have adequate time to achieve them.

Last, you track your progress throughout the day. This is a gem I got many years ago from the book The Power of Focus. If you accomplish these 6 things each day, it’s hard not to have a productive day and feel good about what you accomplished. 

  • Blueprint – Create a plan for the day. Determine priorities, appointments, and projects.
  • Action – Invest time in the most important activities that move toward goals.
  • Learning – Expand my knowledge via reading, mentors, courses, etc.
  • Exercise – Re-energize for 30 minutes.
  • Relaxation – Eliminate daily stress. Meditate, personal time for me.
  • Think – Time to reflect on the day. Review goals, visualize, develop new ideas.

The opposite page includes room for additional “to-do’s” and notes from meetings.

How do you incentivize your team to develop positive productivity habits? Reward people for good behavior! At Advantage, each team member earns one extra week of paid time off simply by planning their day, each workday. Here is how it works. Each team member receives a new Priority Planner at the start of the quarter. At the end of the quarter, if the team member used their planner each workday, they show it to their manager for verification. The team member then earns an extra day of paid time off. If the team member planned each day for four consecutive calendar quarters (1 year), they earn a bonus day of paid time off. By using the planner each day of each year, the team member earns 4 PTO days + 1 bonus PTO day = 5 days or 1 week.

When people achieve more, they are happier. When your business achieves more, everyone is happier. Win-win. If you want to create a culture in your company where people Look Forward to Monday, consider the Priority Planner! 

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