Do you spend too much time in meetings?

BPR 360 can act as the “anti-meeting” and significantly reduce the time you spend in ad-hoc meetings each week. The aim of the Business Plan Review is to make it easy for team members to compile and share information in a way that can quickly generate essential insights. The result of just one meeting becomes your weekly to-do list, and you won’t need to schedule follow-up meetings, saving you valuable time in your week.

Are you wasting time manually updating documents?

BPR 360 does the hard work for you. It calculates, prioritizes, and visualizes all of your team’s initiatives while saving you 75% of the time that used to be spent making manual inputs each week; giving you more room to focus on other areas that need your attention.

Have you created a culture of accountability within your organization?

Do people feel comfortable bringing up lousy news or stating that projects are falling behind? When honesty and transparency become integrated within an organization, your team feels empowered to ask for help when needed. With BPR 360, your team will naturally keep each other accountable and offer a helping hand to those in need.

Is your team engaged and equipped with the autonomy they need to grow?

People want to know the truth, and if you want them truly invested in the company, they deserve to have it. Having the entire team aligned on the company’s One Plan keeps them engaged and allows autonomy to flow through top-down communication. When everyone knows the score, teams can trust each other to deliver on their promises.