Paint a Compelling Picture of the Future of Your Business That Attracts Others

How do you create a culture in your company where people enjoy the work they do and look forward to the week ahead? On this Looking Forward to Monday Minute we are going to explore the Compelling Vision, an articulated description of your business’s future.

Let me start with a basic human fact. People want to be part of a business that is doing exciting and extraordinary things. People want to be part of a business that has an exciting, growth-oriented future. People want to be part of a business that makes a positive dent in the universe and a positive impact on people’s lives.

Entrepreneurs are very good at seeing the world and its opportunities in multiple dimensions. Entrepreneurs have a compelling and exciting future for their business mapped out in their head. Problem is, most entrepreneurs don’t do a good job at all in sharing that compelling vision of the future with their employees. 

An important ingredient in the Working Together Operating System for businesses and the Looking Forward to Monday culture is articulating and sharing your Compelling Vision of the company’s future. This was something I learned from mentor Alan Mulally and was reinforced by entrepreneur Brian Scudamore of 1-800-Got-Junk.

At Advantage, our Compelling Vision is a four page document describing what Advantage looks and feels like on January 1, 2024 when we achieve our Road to 100K BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). I describe in specific detail the company we’ve grown to be, the team we’ve assembled to serve our customers, the feats and accolades we’ve received, the improvement in the lives of the customers we serve, and a whole lot more. I describe the benefits we provide team members, the size and location of offices, the monies we’ve contributed to profit sharing and charitable causes. I want our team to get as excited as I am about our future.

Few, if any of your employees are looking far into the future of your business. They’ve got their heads down, focused on getting through the week or a project sitting on their desk. Most people don’t look too far into the future in any aspect of their life. Everyone however, and A-Players especially, WANT to have an exciting future to look forward to. The job of the Compelling Vision is to paint a vibrant picture of what the future of your company (and their being part of it) will look like. It is a picture in vivid technicolor, not grainy black and white. 

Having and sharing a Compelling Vision of the future helps you attract and retain great people. Great people are a foundational part of a Looking Forward to Monday culture.

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