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Setup and Onboarding

We know that rolling out a new software platform to your team can be overwhelming, tedious and time-consuming. At BPR 360, we do the heavy lifting for you and build out the foundation of your entire system so you can get up and running within 30 days. You simply tell us the things that are most important to track within your business and we build it for you. After a few tweaks and a training session, you will be ready to go!

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2-3 hours of you and your team’s time.

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Many hours of our team’s time

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Up and running within 30 days.

Our Onboarding Process

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    Share with us the 10-20 key metrics you use to monitor your business and 5-10 of the key projects your team is working on the next 90 days.

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    Our team takes this info and builds out the foundational slides into the BPR360 platform.

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    We meet for 1 hour to look over the foundational slides, enter the Plan/Goal for each metric we want to track, decide on which graphs you will want to use, and how you will want to report on qualitative projects and areas of special attention.

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    Our team will go back to the drawing board and make the necessary tweaks.

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    We will hold a virtual training session with all users using the real metrics each individual will be tracking within the system.

  • You decide the date of your first BPR and are now ready to go!

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    Our team continues to check in and support your team. This includes brainstorming new ways to use the platform, training new users, training existing users on new features, and any other questions you might have.

*Onboarding packages are priced based on the number of users and data your team needs within the system.