This Secret of the Most Successful Companies Could Transform Your Business

How do you create a culture in your company where people enjoy the work they do and look forward to the week ahead? On this Looking Forward to Monday Minute we are going to explore Core Purpose, aka the “WHY” of your business

Why do people in your company come to work each morning? If you are like most businesses, necessity is the driving force. Most people work because they MUST. People work to put clothes on their back and food on the kitchen table. You’ve undoubtedly overheard your employees ‘daydreaming’ about winning the lottery so they never have to work again. If money were of no concern for every employee in your company, how many would voluntarily come to work each day because they enjoy the work they do and are fulfilled by it?

Daniel Pink’s famous book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us argues that people’s need to feel invested in the purpose of the business they work for and feelingl satisfied by their unique contribution is more important than we might think. Additionally, he argues that intrinsic motivation is surprisingly more motivating for many than financial and material rewards.

When we think about world class, high performing companies, we think about Apple, Chick-fil-a, Southwest Airlines, and Disney. If we dissect each of those businesses, we will find the employees of those businesses are largely a “cut above” their competitors. Is the flight attendant at Southwest having more fun (and channeling that fun to passengers) than his/her counterpart on United? Is the cashier at Chick-fil-a more professional and tidy than his/her counterpart at McDonalds? Is the attendant at Disney more helpful and compassionate than his/her counterpart at Six Flags?

A-Players work for more than just money. A-Players want a career. A-Players want the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance. A-Players want to be a part of a team. A-Players want to be aligned with a company that has a Core Purpose that they buy into and agree with.

Most businesses have not defined or articulated a Core Purpose. Some might have a plaque in the lobby. Most have nothing at all. If you ask employees why their company exists, most will give you a quizzical stare, and then bumble out, “to make money.” Having an articulated and compelling Core Purpose is an opportunity for your business.

Most entrepreneurs have a compelling reason they started their business, AND, in most cases it was about much more than money. They had a personal life experience, they saw a need in the marketplace, they had a deep passion that could become a nifty business, they saw an under-served community they wanted to serve. Most entrepreneurs do a bad job communicating their “WHY” to the people on their team.

Sam Walton started Wal-Mart because he wanted “poor folks” to have access to the same kinds of goods as more affluent people. Walt Disney was driven to put smiles on children’s faces. Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines wanted to “democratize air travel” and compete with Greyhound, not other airlines.

At Advantage, our Core Purpose is “Growing Entrepreneurs and Businesses to Benefit all Mankind.” It isn’t making money. Our company believes that entrepreneurs are the greatest force for good the world has ever seen. We believe that growing businesses are an incoming tide that lifts all boats. When a business is growing, everyone associated with that business is made better off. The Advantage Family exists to help entrepreneurs grow their business, which in turn creates a positive ripple effect on people we will never know or meet. If we do a great job of helping entrepreneurs grow their business, they will reward us by paying their bills, do more business with us, and tell others about their experience with us. That drives profitable growth, which enables us to reach more entrepreneurs to help them grow. Living your Core Purpose each and every day creates a virtuous cycle.

Having a compelling, exciting, and articulated Core Purpose will attract higher quality talent that won’t be tempted to job jump when a slightly better offer comes along. Having a team that is bought into and aligned with your Core Purpose is the secret of the highest performing businesses around the world. When people believe in what they do, they Look Forward to Monday!

If you want to learn how to create a Looking Forward to Monday culture in your business, I’ve created a Free 2.5 Hour Video Seminar To Teach You How To Do It Too!  Get Instant Access Now! – Link to the opt in

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