The purpose of the Business Plan Review is to review, as a team, where the organization is in relation to their current business plan and to determine what areas need special attention. This weekly meeting includes the entire management team, with each leader taking 5 minutes to present a report about their strategy, plan, and status of their contribution to the company’s vision. Each metric updates to a percent-to-goal status highlighted in Red, Yellow, or Green; followed by a weekly summary that is presented to the team to secure alignment on all initiatives.

How Does Software Help?

BPR 360 is designed to assist with implementing a weekly Business Plan Review into your company. Instead of spending hours creating spreadsheets and slideshows, BPR 360 does all the heavy lifting for you. After you secure your team in the system and add in the metrics you’d like to review, the software will auto-calculate all of the tables and graphs you need to make actionable decisions for your business. We eliminate 75% of the manual input so you can spend more time working through issues and less time deciphering confusing slides.